HR management

The most complete software
dedicated to human resources

Available on the Cloud
Industry 4.0 compliant

1 Software along with 4 modules dedicated to HR performance

Regardless the number of employees, the business model or the business level, Paradigma® HR integrates all the needs for a modern and effective management.

Organizational and administrative

According to the needs of each organization, Paradigma® HR’s user will be able to easily create, edit, update and view the company's organizational chart regardless of the number of employees or its complexity.

Competencies management

Paradigma® HR provides you with all the necessary means for a complete management of the company's competencies. Thus, these vital assets of the company's profitability will become quantifiable, scalable and easy to amplify.


In order to evolve efficiently, profitably and transparently, Paradigma® HR provides you with the necessary mechanisms and algorithms so that all employees in the organization will benefit from specific, clear and quantifiable objectives.

HR performance indicators

The company's performance indicators, according to a HR perspective, streamlines both the understanding of the internal team's trend and also supports the identification of certain aspects which presents risks or possible future problems.

Attributes and benefits

Software interconnectivity

The essential component of any software - the Paradigma® HR’s interconnectivity is ensured regarding the data flow both by API keys or by the xls/csv import function.


Real time data

Once the data is completely and efficiently uploaded, its correlation will be extremely easy so that the software’s functions will facilitate a real-time management of HR processes.

Access and dedicated roles

Dedicated roles for unit manager, HR manager, data operator or even CEO? Yes, Paradigma® HR offers you dedicated layers for accessing and manipulating department information.

Quick use/deploy

One of the most important attributes of Paradigma® HR is that we have managed to translate decades of know-how into a structure which is easy to implement, easy to learn and to use.

The fastest results

Regardless of the theoretical level and expertise of the human resources department, Paradigma® HR is the ideal companion because the results of each operator/user will be instantly visible.

Flexible pricing policy

Because we understand the utlilization and impact levels Paradigma® HR for each category of audience, adaptability and flexibility are the main components of the our pricing policy.

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HR management vision

We have unified, under a complete and effective ecosystem, all the parameters necessary for a modern and efficient HR management


Efficient and fast installation means intuitive learning accompanied by technical assistance and complete tools for use and deployment

Easy implementation

Accessible on Windows and macOS, Paradigma® HR truly automates the company's human resource management

SaaS cloud architecture

Modern, efficient and friendly, the Paradigma®® Suite system is based on a cloud infrastructure streamlining a modern and extremely fast workflow

Versatility and scalability

Through a robust updates, maintenance and developments policy of Paradigma® HR modules and of the other softwares of the Suite

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    Industry 4.0 compliant

    Paradigma HR - Industry 4.0 compliant

    Paradigma® HR integrates the principles of interconnection, transparency, technical assistance and
    decentralized decision-making system.

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