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Become the partner of a business with huge development potential in a very short time and with limited resources.
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Join an innovative business model 

Profitable and healthy businesses are obviously the ones that are sustainable on medium and long term; it also involves a smart effort to gain new customers and retain existing ones and to generate the necessary premises in order to focus resources to continuously grow of the business through the continuous development of the customer portfolio.

Paradigma® offers you exactly such a partnership model - dynamic, modern, flexible, scalable and highly connected to the socio-economic and digital realities of the moment: franchising.

The Adaptive Management® / Paradigma® franchise system offers you the opportunity of a business model with huge development potential by engaging limited resources and a very short return-on-investment span.


The business model has been simplified and automated to the last detail by our management and operations experts.

The implementation time of Adaptive Management Software® / Paradigma® franchise has been minimized and the growth potential has been maximized.

Specifically, our franchisees will be able to sell and promote directly, under the oversight of Paradigma® and Adaptive Management Software®, the suite's softwares to potential customers from different business segments close to their field of expertise or to their personal networking portfolio.


Technical support - from sales processes to installation, testing and deployment, is fully provided, at the highest level, by Paradigma® team.

Marketing support will be a permanent companion both in terms of increasing the horizon and by unlocking the Paradigma® brand’s potential, in different business categories, and by implementing efficient and scalable instruments which will facilitate the development and amplification of the business force of franchised partners.

Therefore, the essential elements which Paradigma® franchisee will be able to focus upon will be:

  • development of business operations
  • diversifying their own client portfolio
  • focusing on growing their own company
  • increase turnover and profit


Sustainable and profitable partnership 

The franchised partners will have the freedom to manage their own resources and the size of their company.

The abundance of technical and digital instruments, demonstrations, support and marketing tools will allow you to carry out business and representation operations even without investing in a permanent official headquarters.

The communication streamlined between the Paradigma® team and the franchised partners will be direct, efficient, flexible and oriented to their needs and urgencies.

On all levels of business grow Paradigma® will organize practical and performance-oriented training sessions, thus guaranteeing the necessary transfer of knowledge for the business development of our franchised partners.

What is required to become our partner?

individually or as an organization

  • A high level of professionalism and seriousness
  • Competences and social skills for the development of the client portfolio
  • A proactive and flexible attitude specific to an IT business
  • Desire for learning and continuous imporovement
  • Competitive spirit and a winner attitude

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Become the partner of a business with huge development potential in a very short time and with limited resources.

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