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We help you turn your employees into professionals

It is not about control, but about performance, about the route we follow from employee to professional and from company to brand.

We automate, for your company, the complex HR processes in an elegant, smart, efficient and financially decent manner. The world of HR excellence is no longer unknown, but a tangible asset within the company.

Managerial advantages

By using Paradigma HR, all the important information about the HR department and its evolution is a click or a touch away.

The HR decision-making process is significantly simplified when we have valid information that will correctly indicate the effects of each decision and that will measure the results of actions taken following managerial decisions.

The hierarchical and corrective structure of Paradigma® HR allows you an effective top to bottom control, 24/7.

Organizational advantages

Filtering the relevant information according to the need and specifics of each position, will produce professional clarity of all employees. Knowing what they have to do, knowing how they will be evaluated, having the opportunity to track, in real time, their own performance, employees motivation will no longer be a challenge.

If the management, measurement and evaluation system will be objective in addition to being clear and transparent, it will also visibly improve the cohesion and organizational capacity of the company.



Structural advantages

A company with advanced and automated tools is a stable and strong company. The business can be easily scaled no matter how fast the company grows or contracts, the instruments will retain their validity and usefulness.

The correct management system and its stability offers countless opportunities for the development and evolution of the company. Paradigma® HR offers the advantage of optimizing the organizational structure which inherently will generate stability.

Financial advantages

Urmărirea în timp real a activităților operaționale și cuantificarea financiară a acestora permite un control eficace al bugetelor și implicit al cheltuielilor operaționale.

Instrumentele de identificare a pierderii și risipei, împreună cu cele de diferențiere între pierderile cauzale și cele rezultante, permit dezvoltarea de proiecte care vor elimina aceste pierderi obținându-se astfel o creștere a competitivității și implicit o creștere vizibilă a performanței financiare.


Real-time tracking of operational activities and their financial quantification allows for effective control of budgets and therefore of operational costs.

The instruments for identifying loss and waste, along with those for differentiating between causal and resulting losses, allow the development of projects that will eliminate these losses and will obtain an increase in competitiveness and a visible increase in financial performance.


Starting from the integration, in a single platform, of the most advanced management disciplines existing today, Paradigma HR® methodology, instruments and modules will lead to an extremely fast and palpable return-on-investment in our software.

Also, the Paradigma® suite covers the need of the team for collecting and analyzing data from the operational environment as well as the need for advanced management competencies.

Industry 4.0 compliant






Develop your Human Resources department now!

Automate complex management processes and discover the world of excellence and profitability in the discipline of Human Resources

  • Organization and employee administration
  • Complete employees recruitment process
  • Advanced competencies management
  • Employees evaluation
  • Career and payroll management
  • Key performance indicators from HR viewpoint

Because we know how important data entry is and how accurate should be to be able to get valid informations, we have created a very friendly and logical interface across all the suite's softwares. Moreover, we created the possibility to connect Paradigma applications and modules to other existing software within the company (accounting, timekeeping, billing, ERP, CRM etc.) so that the data is extracted automatically and without errors.

Whether opting for automatic or manual data entry, the efficiency of Paradigma ecosystem will be maximum each time, the only constraint being the accurate monitoring of the data.

The quality and integrity of the data taken or entered manually is what gives validity and accuracy to the analyzes performed by our software.

Consequently, it is essential to use all the information required by the modules in order for Paradigma results to be maximum and consistently generate analyzes, corrections and correct managerial recommendations.

Key performance indicators from HR viewpoint

It helps to understand the trend of the internal team and to identify the aspects that present risks prior to the possible problems of the future.

Analytical instruments

Each module benefits from extensive analytical and visual elements, sets of operational recommendations and warnings.


Whether we are talking about internal databases or databases of certain software, Paradigma® HR ensures fast and stable interconnectivity.

Secure data and backup

Advanced security protocols, backup system according to user options.

User friendly

Intuitive and easy operation, interconnected menus, indicators and visual aids.


Adaptive layout of all applications according to the viewing environment and resolution.

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