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Erase chaos

Manage human resources the right way!

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Elimina haosul din resursele umane

Develop your Human Resources department now!

Automate complex management processes and discover the world of excellence and profitability in the discipline of Human Resources

  • Organization and employee administration
  • Complete employees recruitment process
  • Advanced competencies management
  • Employees evaluation
  • Career and payroll management
  • Performance indicators from HR viewpoint

Because we know how important data entry is and how accurate should be to be able to get valid informations, we have created a very friendly and logical interface across all the suite's softwares. Moreover, we created the possibility to connect Paradigma applications and modules to other existing software within the company (accounting, timekeeping, billing, ERP, CRM etc.) so that the data is extracted automatically and without errors.

Whether opting for automatic or manual data entry, the efficiency of Paradigma ecosystem will be maximum each time, the only constraint being the accurate monitoring of the data.

The quality and integrity of the data taken or entered manually is what gives validity and accuracy to the analyzes performed by our software.

Consequently, it is essential to use all the information required by the modules in order for Paradigma results to be maximum and consistently generate analyzes, corrections and correct managerial recommendations.

Industry 4.0 compliant

Paradigma HR - Industry 4.0 compliant

Paradigma® HR integrates the principles of interconnection, transparency, technical assistance and
decentralized decision-making system.

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