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Organizational and administrative

The organization of human resources in relation to the company's processes is the link between operational and HR activity. The organizational structure can be easily built and updated using the intuitive and flexible interface of the administrative module. According to the needs and specific changes, the company's organizational chart can be easily created regardless the number of employees or its complexity.

Paradigma® HR user can develop, extremely quickly, the list of jobs according to the organizational chart. These will be correlated with the number of budget items taking into account the differentiation between the positions occupied and those available for recruitment.

Any position can be easily moved from one department to another or can be swapped to another level of hierarchy, whether it is higher or lower.

Each employee's file provides all the useful informations as well as a history of important events and development sessions in his career in the company.

Competencies management

Recruitment process carried out correctly and based on objective principles guarantees the identification and employment of the most suitable candidates. Paradigma® HR provides exactly the means to accurately define the profile of sought employee, the numerical quantification of the level of competence required and the ability to report each candidate to this profile. Therefore positions can be filled efficiently and valuable candidates can be permanently oriented towards the right positions.

Competencies development & efficient training plans start from a precise assessment of the reality in the company. Paradigma® HR’s mechanisms facilitate an enhanced real-time analysis of the company’s status and allows the development of training plans corresponding to the necessities. The profitability and efficiency of the trainings are analyzed and reported so that the user can make the best strategic decisions in the short and medium term.

Annual evaluation

Objective evaluations are the secret to a successful "employer brand". To work efficiently and transparently, our software provides the necessary mechanisms and algorithms so that all employees in the organization receive specific, clear and quantifiable objectives. Thus, the two viewpoints - the professional and the behavioral one, will evolve accordingly, all the activity of each employee, during a quarter, semester or year being carefully mirrored within Paradigma® HR.

The results are graphically represented and there are comparative analysis on company, department and employee level.

Key performance indicators from a HR viewpoint

Measuring the company's key performance indicators from a HR perspective also helps to understand the internal team's trend and to identify aspects that present risks prior to possible future problems. The control and measurement of these indicators are the basis of the correct managerial decisions, meant to favor both the achievement of the operational performance and the development of the meritocratic and performance-oriented organizational culture.

The inter-correlation of the different complementary indicators and the analysis derived from the second and third degree allow the in-depth understanding of the organizational reality specific to the human resource. All these are the basis of the best managerial decisions to improve the motivation and performance of internal teams.

Industry 4.0 compliant

Paradigma® HR - Industry 4.0 compliant


Paradigma® HR integrates the principles of interconnection, transparency, technical assistance and
decentralized decision-making system.

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